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 End of the season The end of better than us in my opinion is a pretty good one. It wraps up all the storylines pretty well and gives us a clear picture of the future of certain characters. Alla and Georgy have come to a mutual understanding. She has taken Sonya to Australia while Egor has stayed back with his father. Maslovsky and Svetlana are together and are now the heads of CRONOS. Viktor has to pay for his crime by spending the rest of his life in prison. He tries to get out of it by giving up the names of all the people who were involved with him. Not only do the cops refuse to give him a break, but he is also killed by Gleb. Arisa "loses" her life after trying to protect Gregory. We see Maslovsky working on something that looks like Arisa’s "brain" (we call brain but it might just her hard drive)He still seems to be struggling with it and can’t crack the code. In the last scene, the brain lights up and a message is sent to Georgy that says “Help Me”. I person

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